LPAs – much more than you realise

Of all the ‘legal tools’ available today, nothing compares with the Lasting Power of Attorney’s (LPA) scope to resolve problems, to save time and money. Its capacity to ‘smooth the way” for a family at such a traumatic time makes LPAs the ultimate ‘must have’ documents.

However, nearly all LPAs come with one very serious drawback.
It is very simple: most LPA attorneys have no knowledge or understanding of how to do the job!  This is hardly surprising as LPA attorneys are invariably family members with absolutely no knowledge or training for the job. Sons and daughters don’t hesitate to ‘sign up’, only to discover later the enormity of the role.

Acting attorneys liken it to walking through a minefield. They don’t know which way to turn, what they need to do, or what they are not allowed to do!

The problem can have very serious consequence. We have seen Attorneys stripped of their role, and others hauled into Court all because they didn’t know right from wrong. Each case leaves another family at the mercy of the Court of Protection!

Practical help is needed. Our answer is the UK’s first, Attorney’s Guide to the LPA (property).  Our guide concentrates many hours of research into just eight simple pages of practical guidance. We don’t pretend it will solve every problem; but it will help you deal with many issues, and hopefully steer you away from other pitfalls.

All attorneys of Life Planning clients get a free copy. But if you arranged your own LPAs you can obtain copies for your attorneys for just £12 each post free.

Having well drafted LPAs is the first step. Common sense suggests the next step is to ensure your attorneys are equipped for the job!

Garry Streeter
Estate Planner


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