Not Having LPAs Can Speak Volumes

For a Court or medical team to determine the wishes of an incapacitated adult is far from easy, and they will examine all possibilities.

In the absence of any written instructions or wishes it used be the case that they would speak to other family members. This however can be very be counter-productive and unreliable. Families often disagree among themselves as to what their mum or dad would have wanted. There is also the possibility that some family members may have their own hidden and sinister agenda as to what treatment dear old mum should or should not receive!

Fortunately, today there does exist a very powerful and persuasive form of evidence available to a Court or medical team and that is the absence of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).

LPAs are now widely known and easily available, which might well justify the conclusion that their absence clearly indicates the patient’s wishes. No LPAs of any kind sends the message that the patient does not want their family to make any decisions on their behalf, financial or medical. Whilst having just an LPA (property) and you want your family to make financial decisions for you but not medical ones!

Even if there is the faintest possibility of such an occurrence, and you really don’t want to create problems for your family should be reason enough to make sure that you have LPAs in place …. just in case.

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